Family Law

Nothing is more emotionally trying than going through a difficult breakup with your spouse, a boyfriend or girlfriend particularly if a child is involved. We can help with all matters of family law including divorce, paternity, child support and visitation. Don’t go it alone.
What are you entitled to? Alimony, assets, debts, personal property, the house, custody and what type? It's overwhelming and one of the top stressors. Don't go it alone!
Child support? Visitation? Custody? All factors that most be taken care of.
No matter who you are and if you are wondering how to help, a Guardianship might be the way to make certain that a child, elderly parent or adult is safe.
A happy time but it's complicated. Make sure you have an experienced adoption attorney.
POs can limit access to your children and prevent you from owning guns.
Since there does not exist a constitutional right for grandparents, you have to go through the court system. grandparents count too!
It happens. Things change. jobs change. things are not working as you intended. Modifications are not easy but they can be necessary.