Criminal Defense

The law firm of Fathree & Fathree has the expertise and experience to represent you in matters of criminal law. Any time you need a lawyer it’s an uncertain and frightening time but with criminal law there is one extra component: you could go to prison. That means that a “good attorney” simply is not good enough. You want an attorney that can give you the best representation possible. Some of the areas in criminal law where it really matters are:
Serious crimes require expert representation. Your freedom is at stake!
Make sure you get to tell your side of the story.
POs can limit access to your children and prevent you from owning guns.
Don't be fooled because many simple possession charges are now misdemeanors. There are still plenty of ways to end up in prison on drug charges.
It doesn't take much to blow an 0.08. You need a lawyer with experience in dealing with the Department of Public Safety and keeping you on the road.
A conviction can affect your employment and ruin your reputation.
Clean up your record and get a fresh start.