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At Fathree & Fathree, P.C. we realize the stress involved when you’re thrown into the legal system.  Most people have rarely, if ever, set foot in the courthouse.  We always keep this in mind and treat our clients with the respect and compassion that every person, regardless of their situation, deserves.

But what people really want to know is this: can you get the job done?  We have combined experience of over 60 years.  We have both been prosecutors, Wade Fathree, a public defender, and both have years of experience as family lawyers including divorce, custody, child support and guardianships and in the area of criminal defense.

Deborah Fathree has devoted the past twenty years to family law and when possible, she understands that negotiating an outcome is great if it can be managed, but comes fully prepared to “take the gloves off” if it comes to that.

Wade Fathree has focused on criminal defense and knows the importance of leaving no stone unturned when it comes to a client’s defense and talking with a client in depth and detail to make sure he or she knows what path to follow to minimize their risk.

Wade Fathree, in these years of an aging population of baby boomers, has expanded his practice to meet the ever growing needs of a quickly expanding population.  A member of this generation himself, he sees more and more the need for lawyers competent in this growing field.

Let Fathree & Fathree, P.C. put their years of experience to work for you when you find yourself in desperate times.

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Serving Rogers County, Mayes County, Craig County, Pryor, Tulsa and surrounding areas.
Don’t be caught without the best legal representation. Your freedom depends on it.
Don’t risk the loss of your children, your money, your things. Get the attorney who knows how to protect you in a divorce and custody matter.