About Deborah Fathree

I am a graduate of the University of New Mexico Law School (Dean’s List and Natural Resource Journal) in 1986; licensed in New Mexico in 1986. I practiced as a District Attorney in Flagstaff, Arizona prior to going into solo practice where areas of focus were criminal and family law.  There I practiced for over eighteen years.  I met my husband and law partner Wade while handling a case for one of his clients who had an issue in Flagstaff.  Wade and I made the decision to reside and join forces here in Claremore.  I have continued to practice family law, now for a total of twenty-eight years.

Mission Statement

All areas of family law are rife with emotion.  Whether it is a divorce, a paternity action, a child support case, guardianship, grandparental visitation, or protective order, it can be and usually is a very adversarial time.  The range of emotions: anger, hurt, sadness, anxiety are experienced by everyone involved.  People hire an attorney to help them get through the legal aspect of their issue – that is one less thing they need to worry about.  I completely understand the emotions my clients are experiencing and I feel one of the most important duties as his or her attorney is to reduce to their anxiety level while going through the court system.  Many of my clients have never set foot in a courthouse.  The entire process, from start to finish, is a new experience.  I am a take charge person for sure and I will ensure you have comfort in knowing I will get you through this in an experienced, professional manner with the least amount of emotional distress possible.  My take charge personality, competitive background, and years of experience have proven time and time again that my clients made the right decision in hiring me.

Areas of Practice

Divorce including post-divorce issues such as modification of custody and child support.  Many times issues in divorce include alimony, custody, visitation, child support, and the distribution of debts and assets.  Paternity includes custody, visitation, child support and modification of custody and child support.  Prior to divorce and paternity actions or within those actions the issues of emergency custody or protective orders sometimes arise.  During a divorce or paternity case many times grandparental rights must be addressed regarding visitation.  I also draft prenuptial agreements.

I practice in Rogers, Mayes, Craig and Tulsa Counties and will travel to any county within the state should the occasion arise. Our office is in Claremore, Oklahoma.